Basha in Washington, Discusses on Crime and Corruption
Albanian Daily News
Published July 12, 2018
The Chairman of the Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha, continues his official visit in Washington, where he attended a conference organized by the Hudson Institute on transatlantic relations Thursday.
He also gave an interview to Voice of America, focusing on the recent problems Albania faces regarding master school, national theater law, organized crime and corruption.
He was also asked about new lobbying agreement and for the previous one that it is currently investigated in Albania.
"We have sought the help of a company, which was specialized in particular terms of organized crime, narcotics and terrorism. This is precisely the purpose of this contract, the drafting of a strategy against organized crime and drug trafficking. The truth is that the Democratic Party has made the contract with those payments and that is it. We have asked the Prosecution in Albania and the FBI to investigate because it has not violated any law," said Basha.
Asked about the "Toyota Yaris" case and the picture where he is together with the brother of one of the arrested, Basha said that he does not remember the circumstances of the photo because he meets a lot of citizens during the day.

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