Lek 1.6 Bln for Completing Milot Intersection
Albanian Daily News
Published July 12, 2018
The government has allocated around Lek 1.6 million to restart works for the construction of Milot road intersection and the conclusion of the secondary roads leading to the Milot-Morina highway, also known as "Nation's Road", Minister of Infrastructure and Energy Damian Gjiknuri said on Wednesday.
The infrastructure works will be completed within a 15-month period, Minister Gjiknuri said during a visit at the road construction site, accompanied by the director of Albanian Road Authority (ARRSH) Afrim Qendro.
The road intersection is important for the traffic because it connects the "Nation's Road" with Tirana-Shkodra road segment.
Minister Gjiknuri and director Qendro said that the works will continue and the road will be partially functional starting from August aiming to ease traffic during the tourist season.
A few days ago the government concluded a contract for the completion of the remaining works and completing the secondary road for the Milot road intersection, Gjiknuri said.
Minister Gjiknuri stressed that the new segment will solve a problem present since 2011, as it is one of the main traffic nodes in Albania. "The situation so far has been provisional and has created great problems with traffic. With the prompt interventions and the additional funding that the Albanian government provided, including the new procedure that was just completed and the contract signed, we will enable functioning of the road for the summer period," Gjiknuri noted.
The Infrastructure Minister also said that Milot-Balldren highway will start soon. The highway is part of the government's Euro 1 billion programme for reconstruction and will start implementation by the end of August or the beginning of September.
Another major project under Euro 1 billion programme is the Kashar-ThumanŽ highway. Recently, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy has officially opened the tender procedures for the construction of the Kashar-ThumanŽ highway.
The Kashar-ThumanŽ highway is expected to cost around Euro 245.7 million and will be built through a PPP concession, with the sum to be paid in instalments by the government over 13 years according to the terms of the PPP scheme.

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