Vetting, Judge Artan Lazaj Dismissed
Albanian Daily News
Published July 11, 2018
The Independent Qualification Committee (IQC) decided on Wednesday to dismiss the Judge of Tirana Court Artan Lazaj.
His jury was comprised of Brunilda Bekteshi, Lulzim Hamitaj and Olsi Komici.
During Lazaj's hearing, held on July 2, IQC declared that according the report from the High Inspectorate of Declaration and Audit of Assets and Conflict of Interests (ILDKPI), he had made false declaration of wealth.
Lazaj declared that he owns only one apartment in the capital.
"I have only one property. Even this house is not mine. The only thing I have is the land," declared Lazaj.
He stated that Vetting judges didn't take account of his work in justice for a period of 10 years.
Lazaj even recalled that IQC made him owner of a house in Bulqiza, when in fact it was his wife's house, long before he met her.
"You take account even of the car which I bought while I was member of the Central Election Commission (CEC). You have not read any of the documents given and you have deformed the data I have provided," emphasized Lazaj.
Meanwhile, the judge appealed to IQC not to interrupt his dream to remain part of the justice system.

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