Harsh Measures for Evaders, Dodgers
Albanian Daily News
Published June 26, 2018
The General Directorate of Taxation urged all tourism-related businesses to declare their real turnover, use fiscal receipt, and pay their bills, general director of Tax Administration, Vasilika Vjero said.
All of these measures help promote fair competition, registration of the number of employees and contribution payments for them, Vjero said in press conference.
She also added that all the taxpayers that will show responsibility toward completing their obligations will benefit from reduction of tax administration controls.
"The opposite will happen to those taxpayers who seek to hide from the tax administration, first creating a dishonesty in competition and secondly, avoiding legal obligations," Vjero added.
Vjero underlined many businesses mainly in the coastal areas reactivate and intensify their activity during the tourism season, in function of the influx of citizens. Their activity is accompanied by increased attention by the tax administration, which has already begun controls, she noted.
Moreover, Vjero said that tax administration will have no tolerance for violators of the law until the closure of their activities for a 30-day period. The measures aim to enforce the legality of the businesses, Vjero noted.
Recently, the General Directorate of Taxation called all tourism-related businesses to respect the labor code and to register all their employees included seasonal workers. Moreover, it clarifies that the minimum wage is Lek 24,000 and it also highlights that the law does not include a trial period and this means that all employees, even those in a trial period have to be registered.
Further on, employers must register and pay contributions even for students. In such case, it highlights that students have the same status as other workers that have signed a contract.
The General Directorate of Taxation highlights that the purpose is not to put fines and penalties but to raise awareness among businesses and companies that need to comply with the law.

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