Veliaj on National Theater: Another Jewel to Tirana
Albanian Daily News
Published June 24, 2018
Following the 'Scanderbeg' Square and 'New Bazaar', Tirana will have another jewel called the National Theater, said the Mayor of the capital, Erion Veliaj on Sunday in a meeting organized by Premier, Edi Rama.
During his speech, Veliaj expressed his conviction as how the issue of building a new theater will triumph over nostalgia to ensure that Albanians in the next 100 years will have a new and modern theater.
"I can't wait for tomorrow's meeting where I hope to reach consensus with artists and architects to open the way for at least a negotiation where we start talking about building another jewel in the city of Tirana called the new National Theater. I am convinced that the reason will be triumphant over nostalgia and we will find original ways to include nostalgia in the new theater to provide the Albanians of the next 100 years with a new and modern theater in the heart of the city," Veliaj said.
While he thanked the artists and actors for the discussions about the theater, Veliaj expressed his conviction that at the end of the project for the new theater, Tirana will receive another award for the most beautiful theater in the European Union.
Before concluding his speech, Veliaj gave the good news even for the Pyramid of Tirana, which will return soon to the largest information technology development center in our region.

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