Installation 'Cufoja and Bubi Kacurrel' Inaugurated before the Presidency
Albanian Daily News
Published June 22, 2018
The artistic installation 'Cufoja and Bubi Kacurrel' created by Eljan Tanini, was inaugurated this Friday in the park of Presidency.
The two loving characters are now made eternal not just with their jokes but even with an instalation dedicated and concepted by the artist, Eljan Tanini.
The artistic installation 'Cufo and Bubi Kacurrel' is made on the occasion of 40th anniversary of the novel with the same title written by Gaqo Bushaka.
The artistic work imitates origami large papers, so as to stimulate children go in the playground nearby.
This installation was inagurated by Vice Mayor of Tirana, Andi Seferi, Eljan Tanini and the writer Gaqo Bushaka.
Seferi praised Tanini for the work of art he has given to Tirana and also Gaqo Bushaka for all the emotions he has given children through his books.
"Public interest for the establishment of this work in the park is high. It is the first time in the history of artworks establishments that such an installation is placed in Albania, dedicated to the tale that has inspired many children generations," said Seferi.
The artist Eljan Tanini enhanced that "Cufo and Bubi Kacurrel" have affected and continue to affect thousands of children lives.
" I think that this is one of the books each child should read. Cufo is the symbol of the free spirit and the adventurer that always finds a solution to the problems he encounters," said Tanini.

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