Some 51% See Economic Situation as Bad
Albanian Daily News
Published June 16, 2018
Some 49% of Albanians consider the country's economic situation as good, whereas 51% said the economy situation is bad, according to the 2018 Eurobarometer recently published by the European Commission.
As far as personal finances are concerned, 62% of Albanians responded 'good' compared to 71% of the European Union countries.
On the other hand, 57% of Albanians said their personal job situation was good, compared to 61% of EU respondents, the Eurobarometer noted.
Some 50% of Albanians, unlike the Europeans with 25%, think that in the next 12 months, the employment situation in the country and their personal employment situation will be good.
On the other hand, when asked about the main problems of the country, Albanians have no doubts by putting at the top of the list the economic situation, at a rate of 36%, unlike the Europeans who think their main problem is unemployment.
The second problem evidenced in Albania is unemployment, whereas the third problem is health and related issues. The fourth problem identified by Albanians is immigration, followed by rising prices, and low pensions.
The situation is completely overturned when asked what it is that worries them personally. The main personal problems for Albanians are the rising prices, followed by health and finances

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