Agriculture Minister, Albanian Products Are Safe to Use
Albanian Daily News
Published June 14, 2018
Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Niko Peleshi, assured this Thursday that Albanian products are safe to use. During a visit in the area of Shen Vlashi, Durres he focused on a particular farm which according to him is the model of the Albanian farm because it operates with the concept of "contract farming".
According to this concept, farmers, collectors and exporters in an agreement between them guarantee the selling of the products since the moment they are planted. This kind of model orients planting according to the needs of the market.
"This is the model of the Albanian farm that we want to spread across Albania when it comes to cooperation", said Peleshi.
Focusing on the Albanian products the Minister enhanced that it is inside the norms and European standard and besides that it is marketed with a very good price.
To the Minister is important the awareness of Albanian farmers to increase security and quality of the products, but even to protect the image of Albanian agriculture. He enhanced that only in the first quarter of 2018, exports towards EU countries were increased by 26%.
"It is not true that all farmers use prohibited substances or methods. But the Albanian products are allowed to be marketed in the European market with a very competitive price. We should protect the image of our agriculture because our products are not the 'black sheep' of EU market," concluded Peleshi.

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