Gjirokastra Culture Night, Meta: Albania Rich in Values and Culture
Albanian Daily News
Published June 13, 2018
In the special care of the President of the Republic, Ilir Meta, was held the event 'Gjirokastra Culture Night', in the premises of the Presidential building. In this artistic-cultural event took part MPs, local authorities, representatives of the diplomatic corps, representatives and leaders of the Forum for Protection of Gjirokastra Values, artists, singers, ethnographers and culture personalities etc.
On this occasion the exhibition of the painter Stavri Cati titled "Ethnographic Gjirokastra" was opened, and the documentary-movie "Songs of the Coffee" was promoted.
In the greeting speech held in this event President Meta said that every part of the Albanian territory is rich in values and traces of culture in every historical stage.
"From this great treasure of our heritage, we have chosen Gjirokastra, to symbolically promote the endless diversity of our ethno-cultural values. Gjirokastra has hosted and organized for decades the National Folklore Festival, the largest of all Albanian territories. But we must emphasize that Gjirokastra is also one of Albania's thousands of years cultural heritage worthy that are decently ranked even in the treasure of world culture, UNESCO," said the President of the Republic.
He added that "I greet and welcome you in the Presidential building, in this special night of Gjirokastra culture! It is a pleasure to have among us the carriers and interpreters of such precious heritage as it is the tradition of Gjirokastra. We all take pride in the heritage of our ancestors!
The protection and promotion of spiritual, monumental, artistic and folklore values of our people must be one of the greatest priorities for us all. Our society, though sometimes in difficult conditions, has known how to preserve the cultural heritage it has created for centuries, otherwise they would not have come to our day".
The variety of folklore, archaeological and monumental wealth, spiritual wealth, folk costumes and our folk music have attracted the attention of researchers and institutions of world heritage.

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