'Internet for everyone', ALBtelecom Offers to Albanians an Unforgettable Summer Station
Albanian Daily News
Published May 17, 2018
"Internet for everyone" is turning into an ever more tangible reality for Albanians thanks to the telecommunications giant ALBtelecom.
With its journey, ALBtelecom is expected to turn into the favorite summer station of all Albanians, as its stops will be accompanied by celebrations, music, concerts, games and gifts for anyone who will join the SUPER Station.
For those who are passionate about technology and communication, in the Super Stations of ALBtelecom will be offered trainings on the latest trends of technology for each category of population.
In this way, everyone can embrace technology and be informed how to use the benefits that technology brings in favor of everyday life.
The SUPER station will travel to every corner of Albania, enabling every Albanian to closely touch the digital transformation of the country. ALBtelecom will be a guarantee that everyone's summer, no matter where he lives, to be unforgettable.
With the aim to digitalize the country, ALBtelecom has started the journey of SUPER Station, that will bring in every city of Albania free Wi-Fi in public squares, where the SUPER station will be positioned.
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