Accesion Talks, Ruci Gets Support from Greece, Bulgaria and Romania
Albanian Daily News
Published May 16, 2018
Speaker of the Albanian Parliament, Gramoz Ruçi, has attended the Conference of the Black Sea Parliamentary Speakers (CBSPS), held in Istanbul this Wednesday.
During the Parliamentary Assembly meeting, he met the Parliament's Speakers of Greece, Bulgaria, and Romania and asked their support for the opening of EU accession negotiations with Albania in the June 2018 meeting.
All three of them, fully supported the European integration of Albania and the opening of negotiations in the June meeting by saying that the country fully deserves it.
Meanwhile, Ruçi underlined that CBSPS, representing a region of the world with different cultures, beliefs, stories, and traditions of development, is open to wider cooperation with the European Parliament, the European Council, NATO, the OSCE and other international organizations.
"I would like to thank our friends from the Turkish Parliament for their excellent organization, hospitality and warmth. The establishment of CBSPS was an important step towards cooperation between the founding countries, but also beyond. By representing a part of the world with different cultures, beliefs, stories and different development traditions, our organization has remained open to wider cooperation. The CBSPS vision is clear: friendship, understanding, mutual respect, and non-interference in domestic affairs are the core of cooperation between our countries, to the benefit of peoples and all of our citizens, "said Ruci.
He added by saying that the cooperation between countries, economies and governments in all sectors of vital interest should be intensified, for the lives of citizens and their well-being.

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