CoE Survey: Albanians the Most Dissatisfied People in Europe
Albanian Daily News
Published May 16, 2018
The citizens of Albania think that they have the lowest quality of life in Europe and are also the most dissatisfied people. They have a low opinion on the quality of education and life standards. Nevertheless the family ties are strong and they are optimistic for the future.
The survey on "The quality of life in Europe" was published by the Council of Europe in March just for the member states, while recently the results on the western countries have been published.
Regarding the question for all ages and genders: "How content are you with your lives nowadays?" Albania ranks on an average of 4.9 points, the lowest in Europe. Albania is followed by Macedonia (5.1 points), Greece (5.3 points) and Bulgaria (5.6). The happiest with their lives are the Serbia and Montenegro. The data on Kosovo has not yet been published.
The highest ranking states are Denmark, Finland and Sweden.
The analyzed data covers the quality of life, of society and public services-according to the report.
Even for the next question "taking into consideration everything, how happy you think you are?" Albania has a point of 5.2, again the lowest in Europe.
Regarding education Albania also has the lowest points 5.8. their satisfaction with the quality of life is the lowest in Europe with 5.1, followed closely by Macedonia with 5.2 points. Even their opinion on the quality of accommodation is the lowest with 6.5 points.
57% of Albanians admitted that they have difficulty in solving their "important problems that they encounter throughout the day". The second highest percentage is that of Greece and Macedonia.
Another question that Albanians can't show no disappointment of is that of whether they really do things they like. The highest percentage of the people that agree with this expression is that of the Albanians.
67% of Albanians agree that they "don't do anything worthy in their life", one of the lowest in Europe.

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