Producers' Union Seek Reduced Toll Fee
Albanian Daily News
Published May 5, 2018
The Union of Albanian Producers demanded the reduction of the toll fee for the Milot-Morina highway, also known as the "Nation's Road."
The Albanian Producers Union said in a press release they have organized several technical roundtables with interest groups representing Albanian producers and has officially proposed three requests to the government regarding the reduction of toll fees.
They demanded the extension of toll fee implementation deadline to September 1, the reduction of the fee for trucks based on daily tariff of Euro 16 for two entries, available for 24 hours and to include them in the negotiating tables.
The fee for crossing the Nation's Road for car is Euro 5, for buses Euro 11.2, for small trucks Euro 16.2, and for heavy trucks Euro 22.5.
Recently, the Ministry of Infrastructure has sent an official letter to the concession company Albania Highway Concession, which manages the Milot-Morine highway, to amend several articles, where one of the main issues is that of the toll fee to be paid by the inhabitants of Kuks region. According to Klan TV, after talks with residents in Kuks, Has and Tropoja, the ministry has proposed to the concessionaire to lower the toll fee to 1.5 euro (Lek 200) from 5 euro. The costs of this initiative amount to nearly Euro 900,000 and the government expects all the sums to be covered by the concessionary. Urban transport will be excluded from all road tariffs.

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