OSHEE Reduces Loses, ALL 17.8 Billion Collected
Albanian Daily News
Published May 2, 2018
Power Distribution System Operator, OSHEE informed on Wednesday positive data of the first quarter of 2018, making a step towards further financial stability, making possible the collection of ALL 17.8 billion.
According to this institution, the level of losses in this quarter fell to 27.7%, from about 50% in 2013.
"The level of losses as a quarter fell to 27.7%, from about 50% in 2013, so we clearly have an overcoming of almost 2-fold indicators. By comparing losses with the first three months of 2017, we have a 2.5 percentage point reduction, compared to the OSHEE plan; March was closed to 0.6% less than the planned rate that was 27.9," informed this institution.
Collections and debt levels also show a positive level because OSHEE's box has reached ALL 17.8 billion or over ALL 650 million more than the first quarter period of 2017.
"Collections continue with a positive trend, with a level of entry into the OSHEE box of ALL 17.8 billion. We also point out that the 2018 first quarter marks a significant increase in late receipts compared with the first 3 months of 2017, 2.5% or about ALL 400 million more. In parallel with the above indicators, the level of debt, in which the bad principal debt, for the 2007-2014 receipts, reached ALL 47.8 billion at the end of March, from ALL 67.8 billion at the end of 2014, so we have a reduction of 29.5%," declared OSHEE.
They added by saying that the agreement-acts continue to relate, where from December 2014 till the end of the March, over 400 thousand contracts were signed between OSHEE and subscribers.

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