Zero Tolerance in Fight against Corruption
Albanian Daily News
Published April 24, 2018
Minister of Justice Etilda Gjonaj presented on Monday before Chief Prosecutor Arta Marku and district prosecutors the Key Recommendations in the fight against crime adopted by the Council of Ministers for 2018.
In a meeting held on the premises of the General Prosecutor's Office, Minister Gjonaj has listed a number of issues and concerns, which according to the government, the prosecution body should address more effectively.
"Zero tolerance in the fight against corruption, especially high-level corruption and seizure and confiscation of incomes of criminal origin, or unjustified assets resulting from official corruption, is one of the main priorities of the Albanian government, and at the same time one of the criteria that conditions our country's European integration," Gjonaj told prosecutors, underlining that the establishment of the Special Prosecution Office will add another dimension to the way of investigating and prosecuting these offenses.
According to the Justice Minister, another key recommendation of the government is the fight against organized crime and illicit trafficking, severe criminal punishment against criminal groups and organizations, striking every illegal economic asset, which is also a very important element in meeting the standards in the framework for Albania's integration and the opening of membership negotiations.
Referring to the Justice Reform as a prime objective of the government, Minister Gjonaj also spoke about the process of re-evaluation of judges and prosecutors.
"The removal of corrupt prosecutors from the justice system will help the remaining part of decent prosecutors whose commitment and hard work in the fight against crime will be acknowledged," Gjonaj emphasized.
Moreover, the minister addressed the phenomenon of closing criminal cases, pointing out that "it is concluded that the cases were closed with decisions for non-initiation of investigation while it results that a series of investigative actions were conducted by the prosecutor in charge of the case, which means that this decision-making is completely illegal".
The Justice Minister encouraged prosecutors to carry out their duties with dedication and honesty, in enforcing the law.

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