Ten Albanians Arrested in England
Albanian Daily News
Published April 23, 2018
An Albanian criminal group, which used to deal with cannabis trafficking in Bristol, Birmingham and Liverpool, was sentenced to 17 years in total.
Ten Albanians were arrested in October 2017, where they controlled the traffic and supplies of narcotics in some areas of England.
The criminal group had also created a cannabis cultivation farm. According to the English Police, the amount of drug seized on the farm was worth to Euro 750,000.
The arrested Albanians are:
Kreshnik Muja, 20 years old to which 2.4 years imprisonment was imposed;
Dritan Muhametaj, 28 years old sentenced to 14 months in prison;
Gurgen Nikoci, 21 years old sentenced to 14 months in prison;
Bardhyl Arifaj, 33 years old sentenced to 14 months imprisonment;
Ardit Agaj, 27 years old sentenced to 18 months in prison;
Aranit Kasaheri, 34 years old sentenced to 12 months imprisonment;
Elis Gashi, 33 years old sentenced to 4 years in prison;
Dardan Horhaj, 22 years old sentenced to 3 years in prison;
Jeton Muja, 26 years old sentenced to 2.4 years in jail and
Besjan Muja, 26 years old, the punishment against which will be given the following days because he initially refused the charges, but later changed his stance and pleaded guilty..

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