Veliaj: Joint Projects for City Lighting and Public Transport with Verona
Albanian Daily News
Published April 17, 2018
Following the successful cooperation in the city cleaning project, the Municipalities of Tirana Verona are close to finalizing an important agreement focusing on public transport and cleaning. The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, held a short visit in Italy where he was invited by his Verona Counterpart, Federico Sboarina with whom he discussed on the furthering of the cooperation between the two cities as well as on the participation of Albanian producers in the biggest international wine event, "VinItaly".
Veliaj said that the cooperation between the two cities will continue with the modernization of buses and that 'we are studying how to improve the public transport as well as city lighting. I have promised that, if the private transport companies modernize their vehicles, moving towards electric solutions, the cooperation with Verona is the concrete proof that we have started to replace many private lines'.
The Mayor of Verona, Federico Sboarina said that he was enthusiastic about the new cooperation with Tirana which he described as a quickly developing city.
"I am agreeably impressed by the hospitality I got in Tirana. I can see city with huge energy, growing day by day. The most important aspect is that we have created a great relationship between the two cities and the two Mayors which can be translated into building something important", said Sboarina.
During his stay to Italy, Veliaj had another important meeting with the Veneto Region President Luca Zaia as the two described the Italy-Albania relations as exellent. Mr Zaia said that the Albanian comunity in the Veneto region is the second one and they integrate very well'.
The Mayor of Tirana also visited VinItaly which is an annual tradition as a meeting point between businesses and buyers. Veliaj said that this event is a huge opportunity to encourage Albanian businesses and enterprises in rural areas to focus in wine production.

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