Shkodra Prosecutor under Vetting Scrutiny, Problems with Assets
Albanian Daily News
Published April 17, 2018
After three Judges, The Independent Qualification Commission has turned its sights on prosecutors as it is dealing with the evaluation of Besa Nikhasani, member of the Shkodra Appeal Prosecution, also a candidate for the Higher Council of the Prosecution
The session at the IQC was composed by the judging panel Suela Zhegu, Genta Bungo and Pamela Qirko.
They said that the initial asset investigation is an sufficient criterion.
The evidence shows that there is no concealment of assets but income evaluation suggests that there are not enough resources for the purchase of a flat as well as two garages in Tirana. The same applies to the purchase of a car.
"The subject has undergone procedures of the vetting process. HIDAACI has carried out a complete asset audit and has concluded that Nikhasani has filed an accurate statement. The investigation has been focused on the legal asset source and there is no concealment of assets. Following the thorough audit," says Bungo. The IQC has concluded as follows:
The assets of the prosecutor
90,000 Euro Flat in Tirana;
House in Lezha, valued 28,000 Euro
Service Unit in Lezha;
Toyota car, valued 19,000 Euro.

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