Italian-Albanian Criminal Organization Destroyed
Albanian Daily News
Published April 17, 2018
Following an operation conducted in the early hours of Tuesday the Italian police have managed to destroy an Italian-Albanian criminal organization trafficking narcotics in Albania, Italy and Belgium.
Among the seven arrested, 4 were Albanians identified as Aleks Boci, 38, Florian Prendi, 31, Edmir Hatijia, 41, Elidon Shperdhjea, 38, as well as three gang members of Italian citizenship.
According to the first information by the police, the boss of the criminal organization was Aleks Boci who managed to organize the trafficking of drugs coming from South America to Northern Europe, destined to Rome, assisted by several Albanians residing in Belgium.
The load was trafficked through Anverse port where the criminal organization managed to secure 'safe customs exit' thanks to collaborators.
Once in Rome, the load was administered by two Italian members identified as Claudio Cesarini and Daniele Ferri who had been known to the Italian police authorities.
The investigations have documented some 160 kg of cocaine trafficked through 8 import routes from South America while only 9 kg of the load was seized.
The investigation have also calculated that the organization managed to get a 1,6 million Euro profit, 430,000 of which were seized by authorities. According to the Italian Authorities, a part of the load was destined to 'ndrangheta boss Davide Perronace.
The 'Family Business' operation started following the operation coded as Romana in October 2017 which led to the arrest of 18 people in Calabria, Lazio, Piemont, Lombardy, Veneto and Sardegna, who collaborated with the Alvaro clan of the Calabrian 'ndrangheta.

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