Syria Chemical Attack: Investigators Allowed to Visit Site
Albanian Daily News
Published April 17, 2018
Residents ride through the ruined streets of Douma on Sunday, a week after the attack
Chemical weapons inspectors in Syria will be permitted to visit the site of an alleged chemical attack on Wednesday, Russia has said.
The international team has been in the country since Saturday, but has not been allowed to visit Douma.
The attack on 7 April prompted military strikes on Syrian government targets by the US, UK, and France a week later.
Syria and its ally Russia deny any chemical attack took place, with Russia calling it a "staged thing".
Early on Tuesday, Syrian state media said the country's air defences had responded to a missile attack over the western city of Homs.
The missiles targeted Shayrat air base, the media outlets reported, without saying who was responsible.
Another report, from the pro-Iranian Hezbollah militia, said that Syrian air defences had intercepted three missiles targeting Dumair military airport, north-east of the capital Damascus.
A Pentagon spokesperson told Reuters: "There is no US military activity in that area at this time."
Israel, which is believed to have attacked targets in Syria dozens of times since 2012, has refused to comment on the reported strike attempts. Israel rarely admits carrying out strikes.
(Source: BBC)

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