Meta to Students: Promoting Albania, a Priority
Albanian Daily News
Published April 16, 2018
"We should strengthen and increase the potential of geo-tourism to promote Albania", said the President of Albania during his visit at the Geology and Mining Faculty in the framework of World Innovation and Creativity Week.
Addressing the students, Meta said that the legacy of elite and very good engineers should be furthered.
"I encourage you to aim for excellence. Education is the best form of integration for our country. The Geology and Mining Faculty is among the best in the education and research sector in Albania. This faculty has given immense contribution in the preparation of geology, mining and hydrocarbon experts. We should appreciate and further the tradition and legacy of elite generations of great engineers," he underlined.
President Meta added that Albania is a country God has blessed with underground and natural resources.
"These national assets, he said, are to be reasonably used for a stable economic development, since Albania needs a visionary and developing policy. The preservation of the environment and Geo-monuments such as parks, protected areas, thermal resources, rivers, lakes remains a priority", the President emphasized.

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