'Small Businesses VAT Scheme, to Collect Money from the Big Ones'
Albanian Daily News
Published April 10, 2018
While small businesses were closed due to the protest against their involvement on the VAT scheme, Minister of Finances defended in front of the journalist the Government decision.
According to him, the main object to include small businesses on VAT scheme is to collect more money from the big businesses.
"We do not want to have more incomes by small businesses, but from the big ones," said Ahmetaj.
He declared that new changes will not increase prices or the costs for small businesses.
"They lie when they said that the costs for them will be increased. This is not true at all," said Ahmetaj.
Minister said on Tuesday that are about 70,000 businesses that currently are not charged VAT and only 9,000 will be included in the VAT scheme. The other 61,000 subjects that have an annual turnover less than ALL 2 million will not be part of the scheme.
The Valued Added Tax is one of the most important taxes in the Albanian fiscal regime. According to the current legal provisions all businesses are subject to VAT declaration and payment, with the exception of small businesses, which are considered to be the ones with annual turnover below ALL 2 million, while was ALL 5 million before.
The representatives of small businesses have opposed this reform and have warned of an increase of prices, as well as of bankruptcy of small businesses which are mainly family businesses and self-employed.

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