CEC Publishes Democratic Party Expenses
Albanian Daily News
Published March 21, 2018
The Central Election Commission published the financial report of the Democratic Party for 2017, giving details about the expenses of the main opposition force for normal and electoral activities.
The revenues of the Democratic Party for 2017 were Lek 131,200,000, while it was reported that an extra amount of Lek 28,000,000 has been spent.
4,800,000 were paid for normal activities of the party, and the rest for the electoral campaign. The total expense for consultation is converted to more than USD 297,000. Without detailing companies or individuals, this includes USD 125,000 that the DP has declared paying for lobbying contracts in the US, while it has rejected having paid USD 500,000, which, according to the Mother Jones investigation, were reported by Nick Muzin as a service to the Democratic Party.
DP has identified three other companies that have no ties with Nick Muzin, which were paid Lek 15,930,000.
The Prosecution is expected to conclude the investigations for the money spent by the Democratic Party during 2017. For this, the General Secretary of the DP, Arben Ristani, was summoned at the Prosecution for interrogation. DP claims they haven't committed any violation.

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