Categories Excluded by New Properties Tax
Albanian Daily News
Published March 19, 2018
A new property tax will be applied starting from April 1,2017 all over the country. But Government decided to exclude some categories by this tax to help people in need and who want to invest.
Council of Ministers decided to exclude the retirees which lives alone and those who take economic aid by the state.
At the same time, even the five starts hotels will be excluded by this tax.
According to the new law, all the properties will be taxed according to a new formula based on the property value. The coefficient that will be applied for the buildings all over the country is 0.05%.
Houses which were build before 1993 will have a lower tax than those build after this year. The highest prices will be applied for the citizens who have a house in a capital. Tirana is divided in 32 areas and 11 villages where one m2 is considered ALL 90,000.
Based on this formula, a house up to 100 m2 will have a new tax ALL 4500 per year for those build after 1993 and ALL 3118 for houses build before this year.
The second more expensive city is Durresi, where the tax will go from ALL 2362 - 3375. Then comes cities as Vlora, Saranda and shkodra.
The cheapest tax will be applied in Fushe Arrez where is considered to be only ALL 262 for 100m2 to ALL 525.

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