Forum for the Protection of Cultural Heritage Objects Theater's Demolition
Albanian Daily News
Published March 13, 2018
The Forum for the Protection of Cultural Heritage (FPCH) objects the forewarned demotion of the National Theater based on the argument that the old premises will be replaced by a modern and more functional one.
In a public statement on Tuesday this forum argues that the existing premises should and can't be demolished, on view of the fact it is part of a unique historic and architectural heritage.
"The existing premises of National Theater must and can't be demolished because it is part of a Unique Historic and Architectural Heritage. Unicity is a basic and determinant element for a premise that should protected as monument of culture in a civilized country. This premise is unique, on view of the fact that the project was designed in 1938 and the originality of construction work. The urban development in a perfectly organized parcel of land is another element that increases this premises architectural value.
The existing theater is also unique not only thanks to the architecture but also the history of people, actors and events that have been going on there during the last 80 years. This is the oldest cultural premises in Albania that has always been used for a single purpose," declared the forum.
According to it, the claim that this premises presents safety risks thus should be demolished is deeply burlesque, as it will be the claim that historic churches which present safety problems should be demolished. At the same time this forum declared that the restoration of this monumental complex shows absolutely no difficulties for the experts operating in this sector while the cost of restoration, rehabilitation and contemporaneous evaluation is totally affordable by the state's budget.
"A series of calculation conducted by the "Milan's Polytechnic" Institute show that the entire cost will be lower than the cost of "Elbasan Arena".
Dozens of scientific articles have been written for this interesting recreational complex whose horizontal position in Tirana's somber urban panorama illustrates in an exemplary form the achievements, even in the Albanian capital, of European Rationalism, a typical element of the first half of 20th century.
We must also keep in mind the fact that Tirana's Center has been proclaimed a protected area and this decision of the Council of Ministers remains in vigor. Premier Edi Rama, than in the position of Minister of Culture, was the main instigator of this decision that was based on his pro-western vision for Tirana and a harmonic development of the city," continues the statement.
This forum insist that the destruction of beautiful bourgeoisie villas in Elbasani street, the gradual degradation through kiosks of Tirana castle and the scary infringement of "Mother Teresa" square through the "National Arena" megalomania, we are flabbergasted by a multidimensional cultural crime whose responsible will have to respond one day in front of the citizens and history.

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