Tirana-Elbasan Highway, A Road that Never Ends
Albanian Daily News
Published March 13, 2018
Tirana - Elbasan highway construction seems to be turning into a process that never ends. The conspicuous sums spent so far by the state's budget for this highway construction bring in mind the scenario of Durres - Kukes highway.
Media sources reported on Tuesday that despite the additional fund of USD 35.1 Million given by the government one year ago the works for this highway construction had been interrupted since 45 days. According to the same sources funds shortage is the origin of this sudden interruption of the works process.
Sources from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transports confirmed the works interruption and the need for additional funds. However, the exact sum needed has not yet been specified because it should be approved by the Albanian Road Authority (ARA) technical council.
A preliminary supervision conducted on June 2016 indicates that an additional fund of USD 22 Million might be needed for the works completion.
The initial cost of this highway, whose construction was started by the right wing government on April 2011 was USD 290 Million. Meantime according to official sources the cost of this highway construction so far has gone up to USD 370 Million.

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