Euralius on Mission to Consolidate Justice Reform
Albanian Daily News
Published March 13, 2018
Euralius will reportedly bring a new team of eight experts to Albania for the long-term mission to consolidate justice reform in Albania. The main objective of the Euralius V mission is to strengthen independence, transparency, efficiency, accountability and public confidence in the justice system. The project is set to begin on April 1 and will last for 36 months, until 2021.
One of the experts to be recruited is the Team Leader, who will be responsible for managing and achieving results, as well as assisting the work of Parliament and the Ministry of Justice.
Two experts will assist the governing institutions of the justice system, specifically for the career development of prosecutors and judges, and also the disciplinary investigations against them.
An expert will deal with criminal justice and the management of the Court and Prosecution, including their reorganization as required by law. An IT expert will assist in the digitalization of the justice platform. The team also includes an expert for training the staff in the Prosecutor's Office, which will support the School of Magistrates as well as the creation of functional internal structures within the new justice institutions. An expert on civil law will be sent, who will cover also the rights to property, and assist the Department of Codification in the Ministry to build the capacity in the field of civil law. Finally, the team will also consist of a leader of the Administration Office.
These eight experts will be the new team of Euralius V mission, which will closely monitor the justice reform.

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