Renzi Taking the EU for Scrap
By Ilir Kulla
Albanian Daily News
Published March 6, 2018
1. Nobody before in Italy's republican history has had more power, and had it more undeservedly than Matteo Renzi. Coming from nothing, only with a Firenze's mayor mandate and that of a Regional President on his resume, he rose up to 42 percent with his party in the European elections of 2015. In fact, that was the party that he took from those who actually won the 2015 elections, Bersani and D'Alema. And in the ugliest style possible, he kicked them out of politics and out of the party, replacing them with the daughter of a corrupt banker, Mrs. Boschi, and with another young woman without any contributions, making her initially the Foreign Minister of Italy and then of the EU, blocking the way for Massimo D'Alema, the historic leader and the PM of this political force.
2. Renzi took over this political force with the promise that he was going to send everything old and badof the Italian politics for scrap. The result of this "recycling promise" is that he sent himself and his party for scrap. In the beginning, he got rid of Bersani for being a friend of Massimo D'Alema, and then he got rid of Enrico Letta, regardless of a political agreement that one of the two would be the chairman and the other the PM. After he got the government, he decided to get all of Italy. For this, heorganized a referendum in which he tried to get the entire pie-pan and steering wheel of Italy and its islands for himself. After he asked to get the pie-pan and steering wheel all together, he used these powers to corruptively save the banks and companies of the Italian oligarchy, starting with those of the father of the beautiful Minister who was also his friend.
3. When he went to the famous Referendum, his world came crashing. The Italians are an ancient people who have not allowed even the Roman emperors to have too much power, and they slammed the door to the face of "The Last Emperor" who wanted both the pie-pan and the steering wheel, covering him in shame. He resigned both from the party and the steering wheel, but his oligarchic friends ordered him one more time to come back. This time, he sent for scrap even the good work of Minister Minniti and PM Gentiloni. And to complete the disaster, he put his dictate on the lists and candidatures of his party. Through these lists, he consolidated the positions of his friends, be they men or women, and that of the oligarchs behind him, but by doing this, he destroyed the biggest party of the last 25 years, sending the Five Star Movement and Lega of Mateo Salvini to power, and his Democratic Party from 42 percent to 18 percent of the electorate.
4. Matteo Renzi did all these only for two reasons: first, his excessive arrogance; second, the fact that hewas totally captured by oligarchs. As of Sunday, the Italian people have mandated two anti-European political forces to govern them, the Five Star Movement and Lega. European elections will be held in the EU next year, and certainly, these two political forces will be even stronger than in their national elections, and this will be the last act of Matteo Renzi, who after sending his party, himself, and Italy for scrap, will now send even Europe for scrap, and he will be remembered in history like Nero, who burned the ancient Rome just to satisfy his ego and his arrogance.

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