Sajmir Alimehmeti, Albanian Jihadist Arrested by FBI Admitted His Plans of Future Crimes
Albanian Daily News
Published February 22, 2018
An Albanian who had become an American citizen but carrying a flag of the Islamic State has accepted the accusations of terrorism.
Sajmir Alimehmeti (whose jihadist name was SAHZH'-meer ah-lee-meh-MEH'-tee) appeared before a federal court in Mahnatan admitting he had provided material support to the terror group. His trial will begin in early May and the verdict is expected to be issued on June.
The 24-year-old Albanian Alimehmeti lived in Bronx before arrested in May 2016. Investigators announced that two police infiltrated agents and an FBI infiltrated worker who were allegedly ISIS supporters began collecting evidence for him since September 2015.
Authorities reported that Alimehmeti had begun to collect weapons such as war knives that could be used in terrorist attacks of the "lone wolf" type. The agents who arrested him reported that they had found material with terrorist propaganda, a flag and picture of jihadist fighters.
He is now in danger of being sentenced to 45 years in prison if he is found guilty. The Manhattan Prosecution also doubts that while he was in prison, Alimehmeti received propaganda material from the convict Ahmad Rahimi relating to the bombing at Chelsea.
According to the authorities, Alimehmeti tried to fly twice from America to Britain in the winter of 2014, but was denied entry in both cases. In his second attempt, Heathrow airport officials seized his laptop and phone, where they found photos of ISIS flags and video bomb blasts. After they deported in US, British agents reported his case to the FBI. Alimehmeti told agents that he watched the videos to be motivated while was trained.

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