Heavy Snow Blocks Some Roads Axes in Albania
Albanian Daily News
Published February 14, 2018
Some districts in northern Albania remained disconnected from the capital, after heavy snowfall blocked roads, Ministry of Defense informed on Wednesday.
The last information released by this institution, informed that the road axis Shkodra - Theth, continues to be blocked by snow at a place called Qaf Thore, and in the other hand the road axis, Shkodra - Breg River, in the place called Mali Shoshit is blocked with over 30 cm snow.
Meanwhile in Vau Dajes, Malesia e Madhe and Puka, the roads are passable but with the use of chains because level of snow has gone up to 20-40 cm.
As the ministry reported, in Dibra city, there is no snowfall present and the weather is clear, most of the national roads are passable because as it is being worked with funds from the contractor, only in the rural Bishop-Lure road vehicles cannot pass because in this segment nobody is working. The most part of the place has lack of electricity.
In the mean time in Elbasan district, the roads to the National Park of Shebenik Jabllanicë are blocked and has lack of electricity in the villages of the area due to the breaking piles from snow.

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