Education System Can't be Held Hostage - Says Rama
Albanian Daily News
Published February 14, 2018
Education system reform can't be held hostage by anyone. Prime Minister Edi Rama made this clear declaration on Wednesday in his address to the University of Tirana Senate.
According to the chief of executive Rama the university is experiencing an internal problem on view of the fact that education system reform enables an expanded autonomy.
"No one can hold in hostage the education system reform, neither with shows, nor through petitions or concerns, despite their legitimacy. These concerns may be expressed through this reform, because the university is experiencing an internal problem. Their problem is not related to the government or legislation.
The debate I expect to have with the Senate, the rector, the dean and pedagogues would be focused on the further expansion of this autonomy and not on the resolution of internal conflicts," said Premier Rama.
Referring to the 10-day delay of pedagogues' salaries payment he declared that this problem was generated by a debate between the Ministry of Education, Youths and Sports and the Ministry of Finances in relation to the unconditioned grant inheritance.

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