Snowfalls Engulf Albania, Roads to Be Avoided
Albanian Daily News
Published February 14, 2018
Heavy snowfalls that engulfed Albania during the last 24 hours created many difficulties for vehicles circulation in the rural areas.
The latest data released on Wednesday by the Civil Emergencies directory indicate that the situation remains still difficult, in spite of the extensive efforts by the road maintenance companies to restore normality in these axes.
The situation in North and Southern-Albania, according to Civil Emergencies is as follows:

Nation's Road is currently passable, while four snow ploughs are still at work while 4 others remain in alert. Snows layer's thickness in this national axis is up to 10 cm. The use of chains is requested in Kolsh - Qafe Shllak axis.

Qafe Thore segment, part of Shkoder - Theth axis, remains blocked. Meantime all axes in Vau I Dejes municipality are currently passable despite massive snowfalls during last hours.

All axes of Puka municipality are passable with snow chains due to the ice presence on the road. Large quantity of salt is being currently spread by the road maintenance concessionary to prevent vehicles sliding.

In Korça district some 5 snow ploughs were deployed by the municipality and the road maintenance company enabling vehicles circulation the main axes. Qafe Thana - Plloce axis is passable with snow chains.

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