Heavy Rain and Snow Blocks Roads in Albania
Albanian Daily News
Published February 14, 2018
Heavy rain and snow have hit many parts of Albania, causing a lot of problems for vehicles circulation in a number of national axes.
Ice presence was registered on Wednesday in Nation's Road where only vehicles equipped with snow chains were allowed to circulate. Some 22 snowplows were deployed by the Road Maintenance concessionary company to remove the thick layer of snow and ice in order to make the road passable.
Police patrols continue to monitor the entire length of this road urging drivers to move with caution and respect the speed limits.
Meantime the situation in South-Eastern part of the country returned to normality thanks to an intensive work done by the road maintenance concessionary company. Some 6 snow ploughs worked uninterruptly during the night hours cleaning the 30-cm thick layer of snow from the road. Thanks to their extensive efforts the QafeThana - Lin - Perrenjas axis is now passable by the vehicles equipped with snow chains.
Large quantity of salt is being currently spread in every national axis where ice presence is registered. Some 9 ton of salt has been spread so far in northern and south-eastern axes.

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