Ice Warning after Snow and Flooding Affects Albania
Albanian Daily News
Published February 13, 2018
Warnings for ice in northern Albania are in place after wintry conditions affected large parts of the country, with snow and heavy rain in many areas.
The Civil Emergencies warned on Tuesday that icy patches could form on wet surfaces and the risk of flooding is very high.
According to this institution, in Shkodra, the roads are passable but the risk of flooding is high. Only the road axis for the administrative unit Shale (for Theth) is difficult to be passed even by the vehicles with chains.
Meanwhile in Kukesi, national and rural road axes are all open and smoothly circulated. Only the road axis for the administrative unit Arren of Kukes is blocked by snow of about 50 cm.
The situation is risky in Dibra where The rain falls weak Trebisht-Dogana-Macedonia road axis has about 40 cm of snow and is partially circulated in a road segment of about 1.5 km. The contractor is working for removing the inert on the road and normalizing the traffic on both roads.
Some problems were identified even in Korca, where the Qafe-Thane road axis is difficult to be passable even with chains.

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