123 Pedagogues Set Conditions for Minister Lindita Nikolla
Albanian Daily News
Published February 13, 2018
The Forum for Academic Freedoms and University Autonomy held a meeting and urged at the end of it for the resignation of the Board of Administration, while the Ministry is required to dismiss the members that are subordinate to it.
After a long discussions the Forum decided to require the resignation of the Board of Administration and the Administrator of the University of Tirana and ask the Minister of Education to dismiss the board members under its authority.
At the same time they required a review of the possibility of amending some of the problematic articles of the law on higher education or the improvement of the law through by-laws.
The Forum thinks that in the last by-laws there was such an adjustment, which could be used as a model for other sub-legal acts.
"We require increased funding of the University as a whole, improving the financial conditions of the lecturer and the student's living conditions. Given the financial capacity of the Albanian state, the pedagogues require that countries with economical status, such as those of our country, or lower (Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro), be treated as a reference to financial treatment," says the pedagogues.
They also urge for transparency for the university corps in conditions when University of Tirana has a lack of infrastructure.
"We require the launch of negotiations with the Ministry of Education, the Prime Minister, the Parliamentary Committee for Media and Education to address and solve the problems of the university. For this reason, the forum consisted of a 15-person representation group, who would contact the university's governing authorities and discuss solutions to emerge from this situation. If the Ministry, the Prime Minister and other institutions fail to respond to our request for negotiation and will not react to our concerns, we reserve the right to overcome our reactions to general strikes within ten days," warned the pedagogues.

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