SMI Denounces: Concessions Are Destroying Economy
Albanian Daily News
Published February 13, 2018
The Chairman of Parliamentary Group of Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI), Petrit Vasili, reacted on Tuesday over the last concessions of the Government, pedagogue's salaries and National Theater case.
"Eurostat made public that Albania is a scandalous country with the highest public debt that reaches up to 13%, while the country with the highest debt has 3%. Albania's economy has become debt-free for businesses. Precisely this strategy also serves the two-year deadlock of the concession law presented by SMI.
Regarding to pedagogical salaries we can say that this is a scandal and proves failure in education. Is an Ineffective and unstable reforms, in the function of clients and damaging public education. The reform of higher education has fallen," said Vasili at the end of the SMI Parliamentary Group meeting.
According to him, hundreds of people who are the pride of this country are under the terror of the prime minister, who has in his mind to turn the National Theater into a bingo.
"As no country in the globe, it wants to leave the capital of Albania without a single theater, to have the symbol of a vital capital. He gave evidence that it is against the Albanians and against himself, because it belongs to the world of artists, despite being a failed artist. We support the artists and we want a decent building for the National Theater," added Vasili.

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