Arbri Road Construction, EUR 240 Million Contracts Signed
Albanian Daily News
Published February 5, 2018
Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy signed on Monday a EUR 240 Million contract with 'Gjoka Construction' company for the construction of this road. The contract was signed by General Secretary, Gentian Kerri and company president, Rrok Gjoka in the ministry's premises.

The Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Damian Gjiknuri, present during the ceremony, declared that this signature finalized a long process of competition and intensive negotiations.

"On view of the negotiations and extensive discussions with the winning company we are sure that the pre-established deadlines will be observed. The works for Arber road construction will start within 2018. The full cost of this project is EUR 240 Million and the state will liquidate the private contract within a 13-years period of time. The contractor will be responsible for the road construction and maintenance during the concession period," said Gjiknuri.

He underlined that this contract, based on public-private partnership, is only the first one of a long line of projects soon to follow.

"The public opinion has been already informed about a number of projects based on public-private partnership that will soon become subject to negotiations. I think that the years to come will see the implementation of major construction projects based on this practice," said the minister.

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