Water Reform, Minister Appeal to the Citizens
Albanian Daily News
Published January 12, 2018
No one who abuse with the drinking water and do not pay the bills, will be penalized after January 31.
The Minister of Energetic and Infrastructure, Damian Gjiknuri was clear on Friday when saying that all the citizens must formalize the relations with Water Supply Company (WSC) within the end of the month.
He made this appeal during an inspection on Friday of the works in progress for the construction of a new aqueduct in Permet, an investment whose values goes up to around USD 5 Million.

"I urge to every citizen to formalize the relation with the WSC within the end of this month, because February 1 will mark the beginning of a series of inspections coordinated between the government and local authorities. My appeal goes also to the municipalities that should join this important reform. The government is willing to take over the risk of much similar investments like the one in Permet but citizens must pay the water bill in order to make these investments permanent," declared Gjiknuri.
He also asked from the local authorities to draft mitigation schemes for these citizens whose debt toward WSC has been accumulated due to the absence of interest or even the poor performance of aqueducts and respective municipalities.

"The same mitigation scheme applied during the energy's reform should be used even for the water reform. The citizens should be given an adequate time to pay the arrears without enduring a heavier financial burden," stated the minister.

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