Conference of Chairmen, Opposition Requires Speaker Ruci Resignation
Albanian Daily News
Published January 11, 2018
Opposition requires the resignation of the Parliament Speaker Gramoz Ruçi. The Democratic Party (DP) Parliamentary Group Chairman, Edmond Spaho, made this request during the meeting of the Conference of Chairmen held this Thursday morning on the even of the opening of the new legislature.

Spaho argued that Speaker Ruçi made a constitutional putsch through the unilateral election of provisional chief prosecutor Arta Marku without undergoing the vetting process.
According to the opposition this unconstitutional appointment aimed to provide legal protection to the former-Socialist Interior Minister, Sajmir Tahiri who is being inquired due his alleged ties with drugs smuggling.

"There was a constitutional putsch, thus Speaker Ruçi should resign. It was ordered by Prime Minister Edi Rama but was implemented by Speaker Ruçi. The new chief prosecutor should have been elected with 3/5th of votes, by proposition of the High Council of Prosecution (HCP) and should have been subject to vetting. Instead, the provisional chief prosecutor Arta Marku was unilaterally elected with 69 votes of the majority and without being subject to vetting," declared Spaho.

In conclusion he stressed that opposition will continue to act in defense of the constitution and democratic institutions.
In response to the opposition's request the Socialist Party (SP) parliamentary group chairman, Taulant Balla declared some 28 MPs may require the parliament's decision interpretation by the Constitutional Court

"I suggest to the opposition to address to the Constitutional Court for this issue," declared Balla.

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