Italy, Prestigious Prize Awarded to Ismail Kadare
Albanian Daily News
Published January 10, 2018
The internationally known Albanian writer Ismail Kadare was proclaimed as the winner of first prize in 23rd edition of 'Nonino' award that is given since 1975 in Udine as a token of appreciation for the most important personalities of the world's culture and literature.

This award is considered to be very important in Italy, while in the previous editions it has been given to a number of well-known personalities.

Kadare is rated as a multi-dimensional writer in the motivation published on the 'Nonino' awards official page.

"Poet, novelist, essay writer and script writer born in Albania. A Bard fond and critical of his people, between historical realities and legends, which recall grandeur and tragedies of the Balkan and Ottoman past, he has created great narrations. An exile in Paris for more than twenty years "not to offer his services to tyranny", he has refused the silence which is the evil's half, often immersing his narration in imaginary worlds, becoming the witness of the horrors committed by totalitarianism and its inquisitors. He has made religious tolerance one of the foundations of his work," this was the motivation behind the decision to award this prize to Ismail Kadare.

The prize awarding ceremony will take place in Ronchi di Percoto, Udine on January 27.

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