Not Even a Provokacija
By Alqi KoÁiko Editor-in-Chief
Albanian Daily News
Published January 10, 2018
Even though the statement of the veteran ambassador of the Republic of Serbia in Tirana, Mr. Miroljub Zaric, was amplified and broadcast in television, newspapers and online, it looks as if it did not stirred anyone. Sure, some author called for ambassador's statement that Kosovo is and will remain Serbia, to receive the right response from the Albanian state, but the situation remained undisturbed, lazy.
Mr. Zaric is the dean of the diplomatic corps in Tirana, with a multi-year service as Serbia's ambassador here. Technically, he spoke about his country's relationship with another state. The ambassador even took the trouble to separate the "good relations between Albania and Serbia" from the fact that Kosovo could very well be considered independent by the Albanians, but never for Serbia. And yet this lame dissection, apparently obligatory for a seasoned diplomat, didn't throw water into the fire.
Because in fact there was no fire at all. How come?
Realistically speaking, the ambassador does nothing more but repeat the well-known positions on Kosovo of his superior, Foreign Minister Dacic. But his statement (along with the "arguments" that there are many tombs of Serbian saints in Kosovo's soil, so that country has to be Serbia?!) still couldn't manage to rise up to the level of provocation. There is an explanation.
Recent developments in the Albanian speaking area, in the region and further more in the Western Balkans relations with the EU are so far ahead of such statements that make claims of this nature sound so... dusty. They sound very old, exhausted, repetitive and therefore impossible to even cause provocation. Not to mention here that lines of the kind sound totally unnatural and artificial to the ambassador's stature and nature. Mr. Zaric's Albanian is far too good to cause provokacija?

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