Tirana's Budget 2018, Property Tax to Be Duplicated
Albanian Daily News
Published December 17, 2017
Tirana citizens are expected to pay a much higher property tax since April 1 2018. The draft-budget 2018, prepared by the municipality staff, foresees the duplication of this tax compared to the existing one, generating an additional sum of ALL 2.5 Billion, or 47% more than the previous year.

It means that the families will pay a sum of ALL 510 Million more this year due to the fact that property tax formula has been reviewed by the municipality.

"With the latest legal changes, which will become effective since April 1, 2018, the property tax will be rated through another formula based on the value of the apartments and the assigned percentage of the tax for both housing and business premises," informs the municipality.

An additional increase of this tax is also expected in 2019 when the sum to be paid by the citizens will be quadruplicated compared to the existing one.

Even the businesses will pay a sum of ALL 2 Billion as property tax during 2018, the equivalent of a 25% increase compared to the previous year.

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