DP, Four Conditions for the Election of the New Attorney General
Albanian Daily News
Published December 7, 2017
The leader of the Democratic Party Lulezim Basha has responded to the invitation addressed to him by Prime Minister Rama on the election of a temporary Attorney General. Basha supports that "the only agreement that the country is in need of is the one for the Constitution and a lawful state".
Basha required the fulfillment of four conditions by the majority, underlining that all of them were established by European Union.
"The conditions regard the implementation of the Judicial Reform and the Vetting process, war on drugs and crime, war on corruption, public administration reform and respect of basic human rights," underlined Basha.
The conditions are:
1. We support without any reserve the immediate unblocking of the Judicial Reform and the creation of the Special Structure against Corruption and Organized Crime and the Bureau of Investigation and the designation of the General Prosecutor in a constitutional manner, after he/she had passed the vetting process and is supported by the 3/5 of the parliament.
2. We support the removal of Saimir Tahiri's immunity and his investigation as a simple citizen for his connection to drug trafficking. We support without conditions the investigation of all officials connected with crime from, Vangjush Dako and Qazim Sejdin to the Police Chiefs. We support and the investigation of criminal groups from the Habilaj's to the Balilaj.
3. We support without any reserve the investigation and war against corruption, including the concessions in Health, incinerators, PPP and everywhere.
4. We support without any reserve the rights of the citizens, their freedom and their property against arbitrary interventions.
Basha finally said that 'our duty is to act as the opposition, which is fundamental and essential to the well functioning of democracy, executive power's restriction and well governance of the country".

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