Jager on the Decks, Jagermeister Image Event of the Year
Albanian Daily News
Published December 7, 2017
December 1, marked the entrance of the cold and humid winter in Tirana. A day and night full of raining that did not cease, but could not challenge the Event of the Year in Albania.
On December 1 we celebrated Jager on the Decks with DJ Booky, MR.Cool, Gento, Chriss V, Danny. 56 Herbs in 1 Shot, 5 Dj & 6 Mixes. To celebrate the best Jager party ever, the most special event that was ever organised. A night where stylistically everything was allowed.
A warm welcoming with personalised gifts, with a shot of Jagermeister to fulfill the welcoming, facts you didn't know about the most popular drink in the country and the opportunity to become a DJ for one night.
Lollipop Club was transformed into another dimension ... People who danced, were positive, happy by the effect of music and drink that was making them happy.
Jager on the Decks, entertained us all. A surprise to watch a festival of the best DJ of Albania in a single place, entertaining themselves and the crowd ... Dj Danny, since was performing at his home welcomed the other Dj, Boocky, Gento, Mr Cool, Chriss V. The 5 DJ-s that created a unique atmosphere, with 6 of their best mixes.
For the first time, it was not just an event, but a manifest to testify and to show to everyone that besides the 56 elements that make Jager meister a unique drink, it remains indisputable that in every party where Jager is present, turns into an unforgettable night and super fun for everyone.

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