New Attorney General Election, Basha Answers to Rama's Offer
Albanian Daily News
Published December 7, 2017
Democratic Party (DP) reacted after the offer made by the Prime Minister, Edi Rama, to elect the new Attorney General, after the mandate of Adriatik Llalla ends this Thursday.
This party defines the majority's attempt to elect a new Attorney General as a clear violation of the countryís constitution. In a letter addressed on Wednesday to the Speaker Gramoz RuÁi the Democrat leader, Lulzim Basha ranks the motives behind this definition.

ďFirst of all, the end of Attorney General mandate is not ascertained by the parliament but from the Prosecutionís High Council (PHC). Thus, no new Attorney General, even provisional, may be elected until this legal and constitutional vacuum is resolved or the PHC is constituted.

Likewise we would like to bring to your attention the fact that a similar situation with the High Inspector for Assets Declaration was resolved by the majority through the mandateís elongation from 5 to 7 years through a new law. DP warns the majority that the same situation canít be interpreted in another form in accordance to the intention to politically control this high rank official.

Secondly, the article 109 of the Constitution canít be applied on view of the fact that it foresees the election of a provisional Attorney General only when the sitting Attorney General mandate is interrupted prior to the expiring date. Such circumstance is currently inexistent,Ē declared Basha.

On view of the above mentioned elements DP suggests that the Legislation Council should be asked to give an opinion on the ways for this legal vacuum resolution.

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