Justice Nominations Council Lot Drawn, Names
Albanian Daily News
Published December 7, 2017
The first names of the Justice Nominations Council (JNC) were selected through a lot drawn on Thursday. Besnik Imeraj and Altina Xhoxhaj were the first two names selected by the Constitutional Court as JNC members, while Vitore Tusha was chosen as substitute member from the Constitutional Court list.

The entire process was followed by debates between majority's and opposition's representatives. The Democrat MP, Eduard Halimi requested the immediate annulment of this procedure while the Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) MP, Nasip Naço accused the majority of attempt to capture justice system.

"It is unacceptable to change the rules during the game. No political party should be able to exercise pressure on JNC members' election. Likewise, no party should be given the chance to select the chief-inspector that will control the justice system. We demand this issue consideration by the legislation council," declared Halimi.

The Socialist MP, Ulsi Manja replied by declaring that the lot for JNC is a legal obligation for the parliament.

"I would suggest the replacement of political debate with a constitutional and legal debate. Let's implement the law by giving to the Albanian citizens the justice that deserve," said Manja.

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