'Flower Power', Ardian Isufi Brings His Visual Point of View on Globalism
Albanian Daily News
Published December 7, 2017
The renowned artist Ardian Isufi will be presented on Wednesday afternoon in "FAB" art-gallery in the Fine Arts Academy premises, with an exhibition that comes as a personal reflection of his latest tendencies on the visual arts and globalism.
He has 'Flower Power' as the title of his artistic proposal, in an attempt to use the flower's element as a fragile and at the same time strong symbol in the positive sense.
The exhibition will bring to the visitors a series of creations that the artist has realized during the last two years like pictures or sculptures while installations will also be part of it.
The artist gives major importance to the exhibition's communication and dialogue with the public on issues of crucial importance for the current society.
"This exhibition is also part of visual discussion on the contemporaneous art that is really absent in the Albania's cultural atmosphere while the visual analysis form is a positive example for the arts students or the young artists," said Isufi, speaking at the eve of the exhibition's opening.
Isufi's exhibition, which refers to some global phenomenon in the social and political context, will welcome the visitors until January 6, 2018.

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