Average Salary in Albania, Lowest in Europe
Albanian Daily News
Published November 29, 2017
Average salary in Albania is the lowest in Europe, including the former Soviet Union countries. The latest data elaborated by Wikipedia, based on information obtained from International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank (WB) and respective institutes of statistics in Albania indicate the average net salary is EUR 347.

This figure places Albania in the last place with the lowest average salary in Europe, leaving behind only countries like Bjellorusia, Moldavia and Ukraine.

Wikipedia refers to the Institute of Statistics "INSTAT" data for the average salary in the public sector, which was ALL 56,500 at the end of the first quarter, while other INSTAT data show that real wages, including those in the private sector, are even lower.

Meantime the average net salary in Kosovo is higher than in Albania, it fluctuates around EUR 405.

According to Wikipedia Montenegro the highest average salary in the region, with EUR 509 per month, followed by Bosnia and Herzegovina with EUR 439, Bulgaria with EUR 423, Serbia with EUR 407, Kosovo with EUR 405 and Macedonia with EUR 372.

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