Death Toll in Greek Floods Hits 19, Albanian among Victims
Albanian Daily News
Published November 19, 2017
The death toll from flooding in and around Athens rose to 19 on Saturday after three more bodies were recovered west of the Greek capital.
"The bodies of three men discovered on Saturday, aged 28, 58, and 35, have been identified by their families," said Nikos Papaefstathiou, the head of the National Health Operations Center.
"We are still searching for at least three people reported missing," he added.
Among the victims is even an Albanian citizen. He was identified as Petro Koleci, 29 from Saranda. His body was found through the help of the firefighters.
The unusual flood hit Mandra and nearby towns early Wednesday.
Before Saturday's discoveries, the death toll had been 16. Another three people are still believed to be missing.
In addition to the search for the missing, recovery efforts have focused on clearing roads. The cost of the damage is still unclear, though it is extensive.
About 2,000 homes and businesses have been destroyed in Mandra, according to the town's mayor, while another 500 homes have been destroyed in nearby Magara, according to an official there.

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