DP, Tabaku Indicates 2018 Budget Deficiencies
Albanian Daily News
Published November 14, 2017
The Democrat MP, Jorida Tabaku, at the same time the Economy and Finance Committee Vice-Chair, indicated on Tuesday some 10 deficiencies of 2018 draft-budget. According to Tabaku one of the deficiencies of this draft-budget, approved in principle by this committee only with majority's votes, is the fact that no salaries increase is foreseen.

"2018 draft-budget foresees no salaries increase on view of the fact that salaries fund goes from ALL 5.5 Billion to ALL 1 Billion. No pensions increase is also foreseen because the fund for this category of people goes from ALL 2.5 Billion to ALL 1.8 Billion," stated Tabaku.

The complete list of 2018 draft-budget deficiencies indicated by Tabaku is listed below.

No fund for salaries and pensions indexation foreseen in 2018 draft-budget

Social welfare fund of ALL 20 Billion remains invariable

The fund for the ex-persecuted people compensation remains at the previous level of ALL 2 Billion

Concessions with a total value of ALL 9.4 Billion and luxury expenses up to ALL 1.8 Billion are foreseen in 2018 draft-budget

Strategic investments have been completely abandoned, starting from Arber road that will be constructed by a concessionary company

Minimal fund of ALL 3.6 Billion is foreseen for the Education System

The fund for Health System reaches the historic minimum of ALL 1.98 Billion

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